Forestal Investor Visa

Reforestation immigration visa is regulated by law 24 of 1992 and subsequent reforms. It is legally permitted in the Republic of Panama to obtain the investor visa in reforestation status by a minimum investment of $80,000.00 in a recognized reforestation management company.

This type of visa is one of the most cost efficient and expedient available in Panama, and grants permanent residence following the third year of proving that the investment has been maintained.

ATLAS works with a recognized teak plantation management company, with over 20 years in the reforestation business in the Republic of Panama.

ATLAS provides a especial package for clients investing in teak reforestation for $85,000.00

The reforestation immigration visa package includes:

  • the investment in reforestation for $80,000.00
  • transfer of tile of about 1.1 hectares of planted land in the benefit of a corporation
  • plantation management fees for 10 years
  • incorporation and management fees of beneficiary company for the first year
  • legal fees for the submittal and application before immigration authorities for the first year

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