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Atlas Panama - Yatch and Ship Registration I. Special Passport and Residence:

  • By means of Law N° 9, June 24 of 1987, Panama grants a special passport and residence to applicants that establish a time deposit at Banco Nacional de Panama, provided. It produces a minimum of US $750.00 per month in interests.
  • This program covers applicant spouse and children under 18 years old.
  • Passport renewable every 5 years
  • Not necessary for applicant to reside in Panama

II. Investor Visa Residence

Atlas Panama - Yatch and Ship Registration
  • This residence status requires that applicant establishes a proven investment in a business in the Republic of Panama.
  • For those individuals that do not wish to establish and manage a business in Panama, there exist opportunities such as several reforestry programs, the Panama Stock Exchange and other venture opportunities, that will be qualifying investments. This program includes spouse and children under 18.

III. Retiree Residence

  • Also regulated by Law N° 9, June 24 of 1987, the retired residence status requires that applicant demonstrates an income on pension of $750.00 per month.
  • This type of residence is expedite and the status is granted for life, meaning it does not require renewals or further paper work.

IV. Executive Visa

  • Normally obtained for persons coming to work to Panama of from Panama on a temporary basis. This type of visa requires that there must exist an established connection between a mother company abroad and the activities that the representative performs in Panama.

V. Reforestation, Immigration Visa

  • Reforestation immigration visa is regulated by law 24 of 1992 and subsequent reforms. It is legally permitted in the Republic of Panama to obtain the investor visa in reforestation status by a minimum investment of $ $80,000.00 in a recognized reforestation management company. This type of visa is one of the most cost efficient and expedient available in Panama, and grants permanent residence following the third year of proving that the investment has been maintained. more...

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