Yacht Registration

Atlas Panama - Yatch and Ship Registration The Panama Ship Registry maintains flexible requirements and fees for those yachts registered in Panama.

The principal advantage offered to pleasure yachts is that the registry has established a flat registration fee, regardless of size or tonnage of the yacht.

For Panamanian owned yachts, meaning by this that the yacht is property of a Panama company or a private interest foundation the registration fee is of US$1,000.00. to be paid every two years, time upon which navigation documents will also be renovated.

Documentation required is simple: bill of sale, admeasurement certificate, cancellation of previous registry (if not a new building) and power of attorney.

Proceedings are expedite and can be carried out in two different stages:

  • Provisional navigation documents may be obtained by providing copies (faxed) of the documents required.
  • Permanent navigation documents may be obtained immediately upon presentation of original copies of documents required. Proceedings normally take from 3 to 4 days.
  • Panama yachts license for captain and crew may also be obtained.
  • Yachts that are not property of a Panamanian legal entity pay US$1,500.00 to register.

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